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Introducing Bet Follow

Betfollow is a brand new Automated Bet Software which will supercharge your betting activities even while you sleep, are away at work or simply want to spend time with your family. It will help you to place the bets to its bookmakers by copying from the success of its punters. This software takes the hassle out of betting. You simply need to spend a few minutes to select your selections and betfollow will do the rest.

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System Requiments

Min Hardware
Indel D 2.66Ghz CPI 1 GB Memory
Min Hardware
Indel D 2.66Ghz CPI 1 GB Memory
Operating System
Windows 7, Widnows 2000/XP, Server 2003/2008
ADSL with 1MB of Bandwith
  • Automatic Scan

    Auto scanning for various website and follow the selected bets from agent account.

  • User Friendly

    Windows Application with User friendly interface, users can easily operate our Bet Follow System.

  • Varius Bettings

    Betfollow system are featuring Today / Running / OU / HDP betting

  • Detailed Settings

    Various system setting: which website to follow, bet amount control, account credit info

  • Follow Strategy

    Bet Follow System is able to perform Normal/ Opposite Follow, follow with percent, max betting

  • Sound Effects

    To alert user, special sound effect will be played while new agent bet found and bet success.